With its Majestic and luxurious design, the Brari is a symbol of royalty and beauty with its green royal colour stones, circling these vibrant stones are a set of small light coloured purple and green stones, like an art piece telling a story of a Queen.


    • Necklace.
    • Bracelet. 
    • Earrings. 
    • Ring.

  * The base metal is made of Brass alloy plated with gold,   ** Semi-precious stones and cubic zirconia. 

A Priceless beauty at a great price 

Our Fashion Jewellery are made with high quality and finish, but by using special alloys plated with Gold & polished to perfection, and using  beautiful semi-precious stones and diamond-like cubic zirconia stones

The result is a piece like High jewellery with a fraction of the Price.

Every item ships with an Elegant box and is beautifully packaged.

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