Presenting to you Océana, a lovely piece from our Elegant collection, it is distinguished by the colour of its deep blue stones representing the ocean depths where the secrets are undiscovered. The design lines of this set are inspired by royalty, adding more elegance and luxury to it.


    • Necklace. 
    • Bracelet.
    • Earrings.
    • Ring.

  * The base metal is made of Brass alloy plated with gold,   ** Semi-precious stones and cubic zirconia. 

A Priceless beauty at a great price 

Our Fashion Jewellery are made with high quality and finish, but by using special alloys plated with Gold & polished to perfection, and using  beautiful semi-precious stones and diamond-like cubic zirconia stones

The result is a piece like High jewellery with a fraction of the Price.

Every item ships with an Elegant box and is beautifully packaged.

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