Metra London, discover a world of Timeless Beauty

A collection of Jewellery with Elegant Designs hidden with the beauty of simplicity making it a Timeless beauty.

Emotions  Captured in Every Detail 

Every piece has been  made by a craftsman using top materials, carefully selected not just for their stunning appearance but for their exceptional beauty, putting them together to create something truly unique and desirable

A METRA is Worth a Thousand Word

They say  A picture is worth a thousand words, and every Metra Jewellry can tell a story just by looking at it, a story of Beauty, Passion and Time and it will always tell you a new chapter of the story every time you wear it.


Bringing The Art to Life

The quality craftsmanship involved in creating the perfect piece of jewellery takes expertise and skills, From the initial inspiration to the final piece, we ensure that every single piece is finished to the highest standard

every piece is finished with gold for extraordinary warmth and shine.

Made with the precision of high-end Jewellry with attention to all its details and choosing the perfect materials and precious stones and synthetic Diamonds, and polishing it to perfection, after which it is finished by plating it with precious metals like Gold and Palladium, for that extraordinary beautiful look of Fine Jewellry without paying the big price tag.

Express yourself, be yourself  

with a wide range of choices


With a wide range of beautiful jewellry designs, and several stunning colors you will find the piece you are looking for. The one that expresses and empowers you, feels it was made for you, be unique be your self.