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Timeless Beauty
Our collection of luxury fashion Jewellery with elegant classic designs are merged with the art of simplicity, bringing to you a timeless beauty.

Explore the world of our Luxury fashion jewellery where you will find exceptional beauty with expert craftsmanships , using high quality materials and stones, to create a unique piece  that is desired by the strong woman inside you, looking  to make a statement .

Our exceptional range of Elegant fashion jewellery are designed and crafted with the finest details and an overall design that express real elegance and  purity, adding hint of vibrant coloured stones to give life to its elegancy.

Our Lite range of beautiful fashion jewellery is a mixture of Luxury and simplicity, with a range of stunning colours, you will find the piece you are looking for, the one that expresses and empowers you, feels it was made for you.   

Made with the precision of high-end Jewellery

Our fashion Jewellery quality is comparable to the high-end Jewellery with attention to all its details and choosing the perfect materials and stones , and polishing it to perfection, after which it is finished by plating it with precious metals like Gold and Palladium, for that extraordinary beautiful look of high Jewellery .

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They say  A "picture is worth a thousand words"  and every Metra Jewellery can tell a story just by looking at it, a story of Beauty, Passion and Time and it will always tell you a new chapter of the story every time look at it.

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